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When a teacher asks a student to write an essay, this teacher expects to receive a text that indicates that a particular subject has been studied and thought out. You should strive to ensure that the test reflects the results of the study as much as possible, but care must be taken not to overdo it.

In the essay it is very important to show that you understand the topic of the study. It should be remembered that the essay covers only a certain part of something complex, so you need to be careful with the research of the issue and not go beyond your topic. You also cannot simply retell an article or book in your essay. Otherwise, it is understood as a sign of weak ability to analyze, synthesize and structure ideas. In other words, this means that the student has memorized text that he does not understand. This is true: even if you can memorize text, you need to be able to select only the main thing from it.

As a rule, it also takes into account whether the preparatory work was in a more or less original form, since the student linked his ideas, relationships, which he established with other objects, texts or problems, by including comments or questions that the teacher did not ask on classes. On the other hand, students who will draw inspiration from the work of other researchers and other previously prepared materials will reproduce a selection and sequence of ideas that will be similar to the ideas of some of their colleagues. That is why it is important to maintain a balance when writing an essay, not forgetting that an essay is not copying other people’s thoughts, but using them to confirm your own ideas.

At the second stage of preparation, it is necessary to draw up a scheme of the analyzed work. In this diagram, you must write essay questions and identify the problems of your topic. If this work is done well, then the most difficult is already done. From there it will be enough to take a hint to follow the thread of reasoning. Good preparation allows you to approach the same topic from different points of view and go to each of them.

The forms that an essay may have are slightly different. It may be a predefined form for scientific essays or required by a specific teacher; but the truth is that essays can be developed in many ways. These may be argued texts that follow or do not follow the classical canon of arguments; they can follow from one aspect to another; or it can also be an analysis of the issue.

It all depends on your imagination and on your desire to write a quality essay, in which you not only analyze the work of your colleagues and other researchers, but also demonstrate your knowledge and conclusions on this topic, which are worthy of paying attention to. Design your essay with attractive phrases so as not to lose the attention of your reader, and then give free rein to your thoughts. Let your creativity and consciousness do all the work for you.

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