Tips to Guide You on How to Write Book Reviews

Four Essential Steps to Follow in Writing a Book ReviewGo to your library and read the various published book reviews to identify the ones that you will write. Once you know the prompts, proceed to write the review, taking note of the topics that you want your review to cover. When you have settled on the subject, go through your review to ensure that you have included all the essential sections.The most important part of writing a book review is to state whether your article is pro or con to the topic. Research is critical as it will guide you when it comes to selecting the topic you will focus on. When you feel like you know what the review is about, you can present your opinion. There is no specific format to follow when writing your review. As long as it is accurate and interesting, you are good to go. Sometimes, some reviewers are guilty of selecting the wrong topic. When in such a situation, you must be smart and ensure that you use a topic you are comfortable writing on.As for formatting your book review, ensure that you follow the guidelines provided by the professor you are writing for. Be particular about the word count. Some reviews may not cover every nook and cranny of the text. Give a brief commentary on every aspect that the text tells you. Four Steps to Follow When Writing a Book ReviewWriting a book review may be a daunting activity, especially when you have no experience in writing any. Fortunately, there are proven approaches you can employ to ensure that you tackle this review without much struggle. Take the following simple and easy steps if you want to get better at it quickly.Read widely. Research is the most powerful way of reading various published reviews to understand the information required. Also, you can look at your coursework as you look for different forms of review. Once you get a clue as to what to look for, create an outline as a guide. Once you have identified the areas that you will write about, write the reviews in the first person. Do not imply that the review is yours as it is an opinion. Provide a brief background of the subject by recounting what you have gathered from the book. Go into detail when providing your opinion by discussing any differences you have with the other reviewer. Settle on the right topic before starting. Make sure that the review you write is about the assigned book and not another unrelated book. The instructor will be looking for the subject that will give you the best score in the review.Since this is a persuasive form of writing, it will show that you have more than just an opinion. You also have some knowledge regarding the topic. This sets you apart from the other reviewers in your class.

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