Should teens in the U.S. adopt the British custom of taking a "gap year" between high school and college?

American teens should have a ‘gap year’ before joining college due to the numerous benefits attributed to the concept.

For instance, gap year turns you into a better individual. Here are some of the benefits that American teens would enjoy if they took a ‘gap year’ before joining college:


These mostly occur when you do the same thing for so long without a break, that you lose interest. It is, as a result, that students should be allowed to take a gap year prior to joining college. At least they can use this time to relax their minds by taking a vacation or doing any other non-school related activities. Failure to provide a gap year to students is a remedy for disaster as some students end up losing interest and even dropping out of school due to the high pressure pilled on them. Some are likely to begin their college education with low performances as they lose their concentration in class due to the burnout.

Time to think

Gap year allows students enough time to ponder on their next desired chapter in life. It is by doing this that they can be better planners once they get into college. A gap year allows them to ponder on the benefits of taking their desired course. It also allows them to even think of better ways of avoiding student’s debts, which happens to be a nightmare to most college students. As a result, American students will become more responsible as they finally transition into college.

Work experience

Experience means everything to an employer. It is what determines who find a job and who doesn’t. Most graduates fail to find job opportunities after months of searching, only because they lack experience. The best way around this is by having a gap year, where students can spend a whole year volunteering or working in different organizations before joining college. They can then add such experiences gained during their gap year in their resumes. This makes them appear more experienced than their peers who never had a gap year.

Life skills

Gap year allows you time to develop new or better life skills. This could mean enrolling into a driving school, taking cooking lessons, or learning basic computer skills. Many other opportunities exist for high school students waiting to join college. These short courses are crucial as they might help you have an easier time in college. In other words, you could capitalize on these skills by applying for a part-time driving, cooking, or translating job while in school. This is the first step to being independent while in college.

As you can see, gap year has numerous benefits to American teens. These teens will continue losing out on the privileges enjoyed by their British counterparts if the idea is never implemented in their education system. Hopefully, the American government, through its ministry of education, will see the need for this and allow its teens to benefit from a gap year before joining college.

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