Proper Procedure Before Submitting Assignment Reflective Essays

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For one to write a genuinely reflective essay, the student has to have a theme, and a good outline. This is all about thinking and sharing your own experience. It means the student has to have information to offer on the subject. You will most likely want to work on your essay independently since your thoughts are your experiences. If you do work with a group of people, though, you will likely find you take part in the discussion. 

If you are doing this write-up on your own, you have to remember you are writing as a group. The discussion is centered on your views and choices. You do not all hold the same point of view, but everyone knows what happened. The point is for you to share your viewpoints to provide new ways of thinking about the issues in life. 

When it comes to writing reflective essays, you have to sort of think in categories. Here are three categories that reflect your main thoughts and experiences:

Life Experience

In this category, you have to share with the group your personal experiences. This is very important. You need to understand the audience you are writing to. This means you are required to include personal pieces of data. If you think about it, people are much more open-minded nowadays. This means you have to share with them one aspect of life that you had part in, for example, when you were a student or a work colleague.

If You Made a Big Mistake

Here, you share your experience from making a mistake or a wrong move. You describe it, as best you can. You do not have to dwell too much on it, only that it shaped the way you were born. The purpose here is to provide a pattern that you learnt from the mistake. You can share your thought on how the mistake has affected your life and that you learned from it.


In this category, you write the experiences that are relevant to your life experience. Your comments are about your decision-making while in your parent’s place. Remember you are writing about your encounters with your parents and any mistakes they might have made. However, you have to leave out personal information and focus on the experience.

Expert Guidelines on How to Create the Best Resilient Reflective Essays

A wise poet might say, ‘there is no art in giving, and perfect art is giving nothing in return. Perfection is not achieved by imitating; it is brought about by doing, and perfection is achieved by doing nothing.’

To write an excellent reflective essay, you have to reflect on the few points you may have made and your core themes. You also have to consider your experience. This will come in handy when you are researching and working on the essay in the correct format.

Next, you have to write an excellent introduction. This means to give the paper its plan. It gives the paper direction and makes it easy to read, and, finally, it serves as a review where you explain your essay’s shortcomings and discuss your views.

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